Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Analog Diary: With a Brand New Camera

When we entered a new year, Türker bought me a new analog camera, Leica. It is easy to carry with
me anywhere I would go, so it's better to document sort of an "every" moment.
These are the very first results taken with this new baby.

Then the winter had arrived at last! One morning, we found everywhere in white, this was the thing
which we were waiting for so long time. 

Winter means that gathering inside, making cocktails for friends, watching lots of movies, and 
dreaming for the next season and even summer...

One night, we picked "While You Were Sleeping" movie to watch, and the main character wants to
go to Florence. Then we said, why we don't go to Florence on this May. Then we started to plan
our 1 month trip beginning from Rome (Italy) & Florence then ending in Sofia (Bulgaria).

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