Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday, make my day ★★

a beautiful editorial by Olga de la Iglesia

missing summertime! a picture by Jimmy Marble

smoothie love <3 by Williams Sonoma

summer colors! by Amanda Jasnowski

light summer shirts for my love! freemans sporting club

a film photograph by Lindsay Hamlyn

planty studio of Gloria Melo

freunde von freunden - Albert Folch's home in Barcelona

like this kind of geometrical architecture <3

sense of nostalgia

This friday it's all rainy here. So it's not a surprise to find myself looking at this kind of images
reminding me of a summertime! I just couldn't help dreaming of way too many things to do for this 

What are you up to do this summer? Do have any specific dreams & plans?

Happy friday!

P.S: To see the sources, just click on the names.

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