Wednesday, September 18, 2013

D.I.Y for your home!

I've never done a "do it yourself" here before but I decide to do more when I have ideas :)
Here are my home's handmade decors and frames. Especially in the following months, I'll do more
because I'll start to live with my bf officially and we want to reflect our home in a way we create!

1. Polaroids Androids: These are all our friends, we took polaroid pics of them with the same concept,
"holding something in your mouth" :) It was so fun and a little project of our home.

2. Where I've Been Map: I take a print out of a world mad then I stick it onto a thick plastic platform.
Then I start to pin the places I've been to on this map.

3. Memories Bottles: I keep some bottles and flowers especially when they have a special memory.
This flower remained from a special concert, and this bottle when I firstly tried brandy in Bosnia :)

4. Watercolor Painting: Me and my bf do watercolor of the places we've been to. It's a fun way to
see and remember our past, travels and memories. This one was taken in Paris, Moulin Rouge as you
guess and the turned into a painting by us.

5. Old Magazines Collage: I love doing collages, it's so relaxing and fun. This one was made with old
mags tearsheets. I hang it on my living room's wall.

6. Table Mat: My mum made this one. It's easy; you just only need to find a felt then cut it as if you want
a shape then make some flowers (with a mould shaper) to stick on it.

Evimiz için yaptığımız bazı eğlenceli süs ve tablolar. Eğer sormak istediğiniz bir şey olursa yorum kısmına

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  1. i love the where i've been map! i still must do that in my home!

    lindsey louise

  2. Great DIY! I like yours :)

  3. These are all such cute ideas! The map is my favorite!

    Xo, Hannah


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